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Robinsunne grew up in a small town in sub-urban New York. Whilst cutting, gluing and embroidering her way through her childhood, she founded the beginning of her greeting card and publishing business by launching Robinson Postcard when she was 11 (yes, spelled that way back then.)

She continued to doodle her papers, embroider her clothing, and when studying for her B.A. in history, presciently collaged a part of her tea tag collection to create a twelve-foot dragon with nearly a thousand of her large golden tea tags as scales. She had her first solo gallery show in Oakland, California of her sculptural crochet, that included a life-sized tree of jute and wool, and a full, lavender, tea set.

With the skills that she learned in a couple of graphic design jobs, she drew and wrote her way through two more round trip driving tours of the continental United States before she settled on the coast of Maine, where she resides today. Robinsunne re-titled her publishing company as Robinsunne Postcard Press and has published often including the folk tale, art instruction, and calendar/planner titles found on Amazon.

Robinsunne’s sewing took a decisive turn towards the third dimension thirty-five or so years ago under the influences of Barbara Shawcroft, Natasha Kempers-Cullen and other Haystack Mountain School of Craft faculty. Since that time, she has been exploring the permutations and effects of a fabric embellishment practice on one’s emotional and spiritual states. Some of her small art quilts have taken her through diverse and crucial healings.

Robinsunne now teaches her paper and cloth skills on the web and in live classes, focusing on this more complete experience of art making.



Yeah, it is the texture of a thing, the third dimension in full flight that fascinates this artist. Perhaps it is the regular patternings of folded and intricately cut paper, or the thrill of the myriad methods of laying down paint, embroidery stitches or, thank goodness, collage, but whatever the medium, her work most often lifts up off the surface.

She talks about stand-out times in her life: transitions, crises, joys, when the normal (“normal”) seems tossed about by a cosmic dog in desperate need of a chew-toy. Day-to-day rhythms have rarely carried Robinsunne the distance, and she has ever been drawn to the more blatant (or colorful?) directive: Make Something!

She made her wedding dress with 78 hand-sewn roses, 117 dimensional leaves, 13 patiently curled vines and thousands of color-matched glass beads. When even that wasn’t enough to attract a good man, she embellished another thirteen panels with applique, reconfigured trash, and several thousand more glass and sterling silver beads to round out her divorce. 

Baby quilts brought her sanity whilst awaiting her children (Both born in water dragon countries in Asia), more applique, more and more complicated beading, and sometimes just the sheer, gross numbers of her quilts, paintings, and art journals taught her how to single parent, and we can never cease to be awed by the profound and magical powers of artworks that helped create her astounding healings. (Cancer may be one force to be reckoned with, but then, Honest to Pete, so is a needle and thread in this woman’s hands.)

She will inspire you.



It could be said that the first and best purpose of art making is that of play; it just feels good. It is pretty – or maybe not – yet the use of artistic media aaalways tells one of our stories, so these are another one or two excellent excuses to spend time in art practice. But the mission that most intrigues this artist is the inner purpose of creating art. Who really cares what someone else thinks of us when it is our own inner experience that moves and motivates us the most? And it is our very own insides that get informed by the work we do at the art bench. We hear the goddess or spiritual reality of our understandings gently (though, perchance, exuberantly) offering us options of thought or behavior. It is here that we are loved and encouraged beyond all mortal reason. It is here that any possibility can be nudged into reach: Just. For. Us. 

Art making is a most wholesome swing and rhythm through this universe of enchantment. Yes, we can get that from a hundred stitches, a collage, a doodled sketch, or a painting of any person, place or thought. It doesn’t have to be pretty (or, it could be) it just has to be done.

Robinsunne’s mission is to teach you to get there, as many times as you need or want, so that you can Listen to and live from your True Heart Soul.